Monday, September 29, 2008

For Ranger Fans Everywhere

Honestly, I had a bit of a slower day at work today. No overdemanding patrons or reports due, so when I had a few minutes I decided to do a bit of research. Now I'm not talking about serious research on something like marketing the modern library, how to attract more teens to programs or even free and interesting programs for next year's summer reading. I recently read Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich and wanted to find out more about that Bulgari shower gel that Ranger uses that makes all the women swoon. Anyone who reads the Stephanie Plum books would agree that IS serious research. Well, the Bulgari shower gel does exist and the type he uses is Green Tea. So if you have been giving yourself an olfactory orgasm at Macy's and dreaming about which scent is his, you can narrow down the bottle that you embarrass yourself over now. I remember in junior high all the kids said that green meant you were horny (even though we had no idea what that meant), so in this case it may be true. At least if you are sniffing the green bottle and thinking about Ranger. I can say that I think I know something that Steve will be getting for his anniversary this year. Now he wants new pipes for his Harley and he may get them. I think he may have to get a little something for the ladies to go with them though. ;*)


Michelle said...

Let me know how that works out for ya - maybe I need a little Ranger smell in this house - Are you going to dress Steve all in black too??

clr said...

LOL:-D I finished 10 Big Ones last Friday and I spent this weekend inside (to avoid Hurricane Irene)trying to track down what Bulgari scent Ranger wears. I'll check it out.. Thanks for the research!